Welcome to the beginner’s guide to everything eWheels related, starting with eBikes.

So what do I know about eBikes? Nothing much at this stage. But I am fascinated by how everything today seems to be about eSomething whether that is eCigarettes, eBooks, eCars, eBikes, even eWeed. I’m sure you could come up with a few more.

My aim with this site is to share what I learn about anything related to eWheels and hopefully help others who may be as confused or as fascinated by the increasing types of eTransport available. 

My name is Jaz and I used to love cycling throughout my teens and twenties. I went on several cycling holidays round the UK, took part in dirt bike riding and generally had a whale of a time. Now a little bit, OK…. a lot older and with various long term injuries I’m looking in the first instance at the eBiking world.

I’ll provide answers to questions like what makes an ebike an ebike? how to compare one eBike to another, what are the best eBikes and what makes them the best?

The aim of this site is to answer as many questions that a beginner to eBikes and other modes of eTransport might have. So ultimately the starting point is a complete beginners guide to eBikes. 

I hope that if like me you are beginning to learn about eBiking that we can learn from more experienced eBikers and other experts in the field. By the time this site is completed, we should all be far more confident in choosing the right eBike for our needs, should be able to build one from scratch if we want and be able to maintain and repair any eBike we turn our hands to.

If you like what you read please leave a comment. If you have any advice or suggestions I would love to hear from you